Most Expensive Professional Cricket Bats 2023

Cricket is a well-renowned sport usually played in Asia, Australia, and European countries like Great Britain, Scotland, etc and you want to know Which is the Most Expensive Professional Cricket Bat. Here we review of most famous brands of cricket bats which are used all over the world for beautiful cricketing shorts by all famous cricketers.

It is played between 11 players from each team where you have to either chase a target or defend it in order to claim a victory.

Most Expensive Professional Cricket Bats 2021

The essential equipment that you will need to play cricket. These are a cricket bat, a cricket ball, wickets, and a good area where you can place a boundary. Well, talking about a cricket bat, there are a lot of things which makes it expensive. To be more precise, good craftsmanship, durable construction, bat size, and bat grip are some of the factors which take part in making an expensive cricket bat.

Furthermore, I am here to talk about a question that many people ask i.e., “Which is the most expensive cricket bat”.

Short Answer:

The Gray Nicolls Legend Cricket Bat priced at $1398 US dollars.

So, let’s start with a list of some of the most expensive cricket bats that you can get in 2021.

Top 5 Most Expensive Professional Cricket Bats 2023

1. The Gray Nicolls Legend: 1st Most Expensive Cricket Bat 2020

most expensive cricket bat ever sold

The bat which tops the list for being the most expensive one is indeed the Gray Nicolls Cricket Bat. The cricket bat manufacturer is in the business for 160 years and they have created bats for many professional players as well.

Furthermore, the Gray Nicolls Legend Edition is priced at $1398 USD and or £999.99. The huge price tag of this cricket bat ensures perfect craftsmanship along with increased durability. On the other hand, this bat is meant for test matches where the real pressure of a bat is tested as a batsman has to play a lot of balls.

2. The Gray Nicolls Legend GOLD – 2nd Most Expensive Cricket Bat

most expensive cricket bat price in world

Right after the 1st most expensive cricket bat, the second one on our list is yet another bat from the Gray Nicolls. The Gray Nicolls Gold Legend Edition will cost you at least $1151 USD in today’s market place and it is one of the finest cricket bats this manufacturer has produced.

The sleek and slim design along with premium quality construction and a perfect grip is what makes this bat the second most expensive cricket bat after Legend Edition.

3. The Gray Nicolls Legend Handcrafted 

most expensive cricket leather ball

It is fair to say that the cricket bats which Gray Nicolls produce are quite expensive. Well, this edition has got a feature that it has been Gray Nicolls handcrafted by some of the best cricket bat engineers.

The cricket bat is priced at almost $844 USD which makes it the third most expensive bat in the world. You will get a smooth feeling of hitting shots with this bat in your hand. That being said, this bat has got a limited production of only 150 and is owned by professional cricket players only. Nevertheless, with a Power curve Face and a Matrix Plus grip, you will be able to play some of the finest strokes with this bat.

4. The GM Player Edition

most expensive cricket leather ball

GM is yet another famous cricket bat manufacturer and is producing some of the best cricket bats for many years. The reason why GM Player Edition is an expensive bat is that a special CNC machine has been used in making it. This machine technology is only acquired by GM and they use it in order to create the bats they want.

Well, this cricket bat is priced at almost $835 USD which is indeed a very high range and is thus owned only by professional players. Special durable construction along with a non-slippery grip makes this bat a perfect choice for a batsman who wants to play different shots with smoothness.

5. Millichamp & Hall Cricket Bat

most expensive cricket bat price in world

The last most expensive bat on our list is from Millichamp & Hall. The brand is working for quite a long time and is making different cricket bats to ensure maximum smoothness, durability, and a non-slippery grip. while a batsman is holding it.

Millichamp Pro Cricket Bat is priced at almost $840 USD making it the 5th most expensive cricket bat in the world. With better craftsmanship, you might be able to play some of the best shots with it. However, you should keep in mind that these bats are produced in a very limited quantity and one should acquire it before they run out of stock.

Final Thoughts 

The expensiveness of a cricket bat surely depends upon a lot of factors. Sometimes, the brand alone is able to make a big difference. The Gray Nicolls Cricket Bats are an example of it. Furthermore, these cricket bats are used only by professionals and they have got a limited production as well. This is all that you will need to know about some of the most expensive bats in the world. I hope, it can clear all your confusion easily.

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