Best Extra Wide Baseball Turf Shoes 2024

Although finding good shoes and a quality gear unit should not be as hard as it used to be in the digital age. Nonetheless, you can not trust every brand and every product nowadays. So, to sift the noise out and to find that perfect pair of turf shoes that sings to your feet we have devised this guide.

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3rd Choice Adidas Performance Icon 4Check On Amazon

The best extra wide baseball turf shoes can be selected by matching the options with a list of merits that quality turf baseball shoes have over others. These may include holding their shape well, being impact resistant, and long-lasting. Furthermore, you do not want your shoes to become a problem for you in the field. This means your shoe must be strong but not hurtful or uncomfortable.

To do so, please keep reading.

Top 5 Extra Wide Baseball Turf Shoes 2024


New Balance Men’s 3000v3 Turf Shoes

 extra wide baseball cleats

Looking for the right turf shoes is predicated on a few simple rules. Your shoes should be fit for use on turf as well as natural grass. Your shoes should also provide adequate ankle support and cushioning. These two features can help you play with ease and flexibility in your baseball game.


The New Balance Men’s 3000V3 Turf shoes are heavy-duty turf-friendly shoes. They come with a synthetic sole. The textile is breathable and the rubber sole offers durability. It uses Revlite Mid sole technology. This makes it a very lite and flexible shoe in the center.

The shoe offers a debris-free construction. You can easily lace the New Balance Men’s Turf shoe model for a snug fit.

You can use them both on turf and real grass. Because you never know what the field is like. This makes them a good fit for dirt play as well. You can play in mud and dirt without really becoming a nuisance for you to manage along with a heated game.

If you are into other sports like golf you can also wear these there. You can also use them on dry courses and wet alike. The chances of a player slipping in these are pretty bleak. You can enjoy slip-free usage for a long long time. You will not fall as long as your swing motion is good.

These are size inclusiveness and their wide width is their specialty. These shoes are also fit for daily usage and everyday wear ability.

  • Slip-resistant

  • Fit for wet and dry usage

  • Fit for on-field and off-field usage

  • Do not come in many colors or design/style options


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Such a shoe will take you closer to achieving your goals and this is what you want in life more than products from higher brands. The show will provide you added comfort and peace.


Adidas Speed Trainer 3 Shoes

extra wide turf shoes

Adidas makes the quality of sports goods. In many regions of the world, the goods from Adidas are without a hint of doubt the best in class. But, if you need to know more to make a great decision based on facts then please continue reading.


You can spend unlimited amounts of time at your batting cage or practice field in these. Your feet will not get tired because these are that good. You can enjoy soft cushioning and a quality bed for your feet to rest on. Despite their strong build and their cushion padding, these shoes are super light. If you need some feather-light goodness for your feet you can invest in these.

You can run, dance and play in these. The shoes will not wear off. These have an iconic Adidas upper mesh. The sneakers are fit for turf as well as other grounds. It delivers a lot of ground-gripping action. This makes it great for everyday use as well. You can even wear them to the club and rock that look.

These are great shoes for the gym. You can easily manage a lot of firm and stable squats, dead lifts, and multiple muscle engagement with these shoes. You can sprint on a treadmill for long runs and not feel like your ankles are being rushed or twisted. There is nothing uncomfortable about these because they are soft and ergonomic.

The sole cushion and the heel padding are both great additions to this classic, iconic product from Adidas.

  • Iconic design and high-end shoe design

  • Fit for baseball as well as your gym

  • Do not come in many color options


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These trainer 3 shoes are one of those pairs of shoes that you need to trust blindly. The brand name should be enough for many people.


Adidas Performance Men’s Icon 4

 men's baseball turf shoes wide width

Here is another option from Adidas. This is a high performing shoe fit for contemporary players. This shoe uses the qualities of fine textile and synthetic materials in the sole to provide a stable and consistently good performing quality.


This is imported and made for turf and similar materials. You can enjoy slip-resistance with this one. It also has a breathable mesh upper. It allows durability and flexibility. The shoe comes in as many as 6 colors.

It has an tuber-branded feel to it. It also offers a rich vibe for the player. You can enjoy the comfort and lass with this one on the field. This sneaker is perfect for practice and gymnasium classes. The shoe will maintain its quality through abrasion resistance.

  • The top layer of mesh delivers breathable lining and flexibility

  • Looks and feels super designerwear

  • Allows a strong grip and durable life

  • The shoelaces may wear out after a few games and playing in the dirt


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Great for everyday practice and special matches as well. It depends on you how you want to use it.


3N2 Mofo Turf Trainer

 extra wide baseball cleats 4e

The 3N2 Mofo Turf Trainer is another quality purchase in the name of wide foot baseball turf shoes. You can get this pair loaded with a mesh top and quality inner construction for playing good games all throughout the game.


You can plan and play better with these shoes. They will take the steps for you and you will feel like you are walking on a cloud without any major efforts. You can easily allow your feet to adjust to the shoes seamlessly. This means that your feet will be relaxed and yet the grip will be good. You can play your game without worrying about your feet or your comfort. This is the kind of confidence that the shoe will give you on the field and even when not playing. This helps you never let your guard down.

You can unlock your true potential with a shoe that amplifies your performance rather than holds you back. The fitting and the size of the shoe should be the first and foremost constraint. A good shoe can help you stay stable and comfortable. A bad shoe can cause you to trip over, feel too tight or too loose. A bad shoe might even distract you multiple times in each game.

The shoe features a super lightweight Glide mid sole. This is a creative design that allows your knees to send the pressure and the weight down to the floor. This frees your body and makes your movements more flexible.

The leather used in them is genuine and the upper layer is loaded with a Meta Mesh. This is another creative way to ensure that the shoe is flexible and easy to wear. 3N2 Mofo also features a TPU shank in the shoe’s arch. This paired with the molded heel, together provide an excellent fit that is highly stable. The shoe uses an Ignite out sole.

The shoe is available in 6 colors to fit for baseball teams. This makes you fit in with your team uniform and also allows you to choose from a versatile range. This shoe will send all the body weight to the ground you stand on. This means no back pain and lesser chances of tiring out during a match. This makes this an excellent choice for any sport of your choosing.

  • Available in 6 different colors

  • Quality top mesh and breathable design

  • Uses the ground to make the shoe and the movement both free of heaviness

  • You might want to buy these in multiple colors


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These shoes are fit for playing as well as practicing. They will not get tired in between uses. This makes your foot well-supported and gives you confidence when needed.


Mizuno Men’s Jawz Blast 4

 extra wide turf shoes

If you are into baseball cleats then here is another quality one for you. Mizuno Men’s Jawz Blast 4 are amazing Baseball Cleats available in the market for extra-wide baseball shoes.


You get to enjoy the best of the natural fibers as well as man-made leather. You can enjoy a quality durable rubber sole and a synthetic sole that supports your feet from the inside. The shoe has haws on the bottom of the sole, these help in clenching to the floor. This grip and the jaw like a design for the shoe give this pair of shoes its highly fitting name. You can use these for baseball. Lacrosse and even football. You can also run, train, and work out in these without a shred of doubt.

This shoe has been optimized for artificial grass flooring’s or turfs. The shoe offers a unique full-length mid sole. This gives you comfort. Your feet can run, bend and play in these without being tense. You can let them rest and still have a grip that is tighter than you playing barefoot.

The shoe construction is specifically created for flexibility. The flexibility provides the ease of bending and playing hard on the field. This makes it a great tool for your game. The shoe complies with the brand’s unmatched quality standards.

The shoe will give you quality breath ability. The innersole will not feel too tough or heavy. The shoe will fit the natural contours of your feet and this can be a great treat for people with wide feet. If your feet have been ignored for long it is time to change it with this pair of baseball turfs with cleats from Mizuno.

  • Breathable inner fabric

  • Easy to wear on the field and during practice

  • Fit for baseball, Football, and Lacrosse

  • Made especially for baseball

  • Do not come in many colors


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It is interesting to know that your shoe is one of the best in the field. It provides a unique kind of confidence that a man must have in his gear.

Frequently Asked Question

Are baseball turf shoes worth it?

Oh, you betcha! Baseball turf shoes are like the unsung heroes of the game. They’re worth every penny, especially if you’re tearing up artificial fields. Think of them as the MVPs of grip without the turf mayhem.

What is the difference between baseball cleats and turf shoes?

It’s like comparing apples and oranges – both are fruit, but totally different vibes. Baseball cleats are your go-to for natural grass, those trusty spikes giving you traction. Turf shoes, though, are the cool cats designed for synthetic fields, no spikes but plenty of grip.

What baseball cleats are best for foot pain?

Ah, the quest for comfort! Nike, New Balance, and Under Armour have your back (well, your feet). Look for cleats with extra cushioning and support. It’s like giving your feet a cozy little hug while you dash around the bases.

What do baseball players wear on turf?

Turf shoes, my friend! These bad boys are the unsung heroes of the turf, designed to give you that grip without turning the field into a war zone. Rubber outsoles for the win – keep the turf intact while you pull off those highlight-reel plays.

Can I wear spikes on turf?

Technically, you can, but it’s a bit like wearing a tuxedo to a barbecue. Spikes are meant for natural grass, and wearing them on turf might cause some damage. Opt for turf shoes – they’re the turf-friendly alternative that keeps both you and the field looking sharp.

Now, go out there, play hard, and let your footwear be the unsung hero of your baseball saga!

The Other 4 Extra Wide Baseball Turf Shoes 2024

Mizuno Men’s Turf Shoe

 extra wide baseball cleats

Mizuno has a passion for making baseball goods that are classic in their style and at the heart of the sport. This passion can extend to you if you decide to invest in a pair of turf shoes that are made for your needs and your foot width. The brand makes it look like this is not difficult at all.


The shoe has a breathable upper sole and a two-tone pattern. The out sole has been engineered for baseball oriented movement and fluidity. This makes it optimal for the sport of baseball that Mizuno loves like you do.

The shoe pair features an exciting u4ic Forefoot cushioning. The shoe has a padded bottom tongue and a collar that provides added support for your ankles. You can move around with great comfort in this one.

The shoe is predicated on the idea of baseball accessory engineering movement and complexity. This makes it a smart shoe for wider feet.

The shoe is layered with Breath Thermo lining. This is a heat-absorbing material. It also rids any built-up moisture in your foot. It makes your feet feel airy and breathable. This is quite helpful for your game. The fabric used in making the shoe is an arctic touch garment.

  • Breathable and airy

  • Fit for wide feet

  • Made for baseball

  • Come in limited colors


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A quality fit can be a great luxury in the field. Every performer performs well when most comfortable and given the right accessories to do so. These shoes can be a great asset in your baseball collection.


Mizuno Men’s Wave Swagger Cleat

Extra Wide Baseball Turf Shoes

While Mizuno remains true to the sport of baseball these cleats are fit for baseball as well as football and softball. The cleats make them very versatile. You can use them for a game on the dirt ground, turf, and grass alike. They will not fail you.

We love good performance in a shoe and this one definitely fits the bill. This Mizuno Men’s Wave Swagger is a quality cleat that can help you run throughout your game and score home runs. What it does is relieves your feet of any soreness or anger. Your feet can perform and that is all you can ask for in a shoe. You can allow them to breathe and move like we do barefooted. Only the cushioning and padding makes it a lot like walking on clouds.


This pair is made out of fabric material and it is synthetic to provide you immense durability and style. The shoe is layered with a complete rubber sole. This allows the foot to feel comfortable on the soft bed. However, it remains in shape because of the construction of the shoe.

The shoe is completely man-made. The shoe is an artisan masterpiece. It has a strong durable rubber sole. The synthetic leather upper creates a perfect fit. It also stabilizes while practicing and the real matches.

It also complies with a running shoe standard. This is because of its mid sole/out sole providing the necessary comfort for rigorous training every day.

  • Created for Baseball

  • Come with the added grip of cleats that make it suitable for all fields

  • Some people like more funky color options that are not available


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The brand has been alive for more than a century. This time a little over 100 years makes it better than many shoemakers. This is simply true because Mizuno understands baseball.


Diadora Kids’ Cattura Tf Jr-K

 men's baseball turf shoes wide width

If you are looking for extra wide baseball turf shoes for kids, then the Diadora Kids’ Cattura Tf Junior K is the best bet for you. This is because you can enjoy a lot of benefits with this. The benefits will be in terms of the child or youth kid’s performance with this one.


The shoe offers a 100% purely synthetic sole and construction. This gives it durability and strength for many games. The inner insole is basically comprised of breathable fixed cotton material. This is shock-absorbing. The shock-resistance also comes from the EVA foam insole.

The Diadora Kids’ Cattura is abrasion and erosion resistant. It will avoid any rubbing or scratching to take away any of its outer beauty.

It has a non-collar design with a breathable lining. The material used to make this shoe is otherwise called PU. It is a highly durable polymer material. The child is likely to repurchase it because it is that comfortable!

  • Super comfortable and light in weight

  • Surprisingly good fit

  • Does not come in many color options that may match your uniform


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If you want to gift something to your child or a friend’s child then this can be a great fit. It is generally quite difficult to find good shoes for kids with wide feet and this one definitely is a great thoughtful gift idea.


Rawlings Men’s Big Turf Shoe

 extra wide baseball cleats 4e

Rawlings also has a passion for the sport of baseball just like Mizuno. Rawlings is a contemporary brand and that positioning reflects in its shoes as well. The shoes stand out for their design as well as usability.


While the shoe is completely synthetic it offers a soft flex. This makes it a great option for the rugged game of baseball. You get a mid-high collar. This will provide extra support for your ankle without making the shoe very stuffy or sticky. You also get to enjoy the cushioning of this shoe to play with great comfort and without much bending that hard shoes make your feet feel.

The versatility of this shoe is in-part due to the materials used in the construction of it. The materials such as a rubber out sole, a bi-level cleat pattern, and superior traction are all geniuses. These are basically owed to the creative styling and construction by Rawlings.

The shoe offers a lightweight technology this is patented. The shoe’s mid sole is called Velocity. This insole is cushioned and padded. The shoes come in many wider size options as well as extra wide. This makes them highly fit for big and tall people. The shoe is great for your adventures and sports alike. This makes them a great option for play as well as partying.

These look quite huge in terms of their platform and design but that adds more mystery to the shoes. The shoes also help keep tiredness or sore feeling away from your feet. This can be a great asset in the field.

  • Solace for tired feet through the cushion and collar

  • Highly recommended for extra wide feet

  • They look quite big in person but fit fine


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The durable synthetic upper has been designed for baseball. However, these shoes are fit for non-baseball activities and sports as well. These are diverse and useful.


So, here you have it! In the vast world of baseball footwear, the key is finding the perfect match for the field you’re taking on.

Are baseball turf shoes worth the investment? Without a doubt! Especially when you’re navigating those artificial turfs, these shoes play the role of silent champions on the diamond.

Concerned about the disparity between baseball cleats and turf shoes? It’s akin to choosing between a high-speed sports car and a sleek motorcycle – both serve the purpose, but with distinct styles. Cleats for the natural grass and turf shoes for the synthetic rhythms.

For those grappling with foot pain, fret not! Brands like Nike, New Balance, and Under Armour have crafted cleats that pamper your feet. With added cushioning and support, it’s like a spa day for the real MVPs at the end of your legs

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