Best Youth Baseball Glove 2024

The best youth baseball glove provides excellent protection and catching ability to you. The article below can be proved really beneficial for you as we have gathered all the information about such products in the market below.

The baseball gloves are quite different from other gloves. Being a baseball player, you always look for the one which does not let you miss a single catch with its excellent design. The design basically comprises of webbing, palm, heel, and fingers.

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FRANKLIN SPORTS BASEBALLFranklin Sports Check On Amazon
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FRANKLIN SPORTSFranklin Sports Check On Amazon

The excellent design can result in the enhancement of the catching range.


Wanna Make a Quick Decision?

You can consider Wilson A2000 as it comes with pro-stock leather hence provide better durability. It comes with an H Web design which delivers a flexible structure. For maximizing the durability of the pocket and enables you to experience a feasible break-in, it holds a dual welting design. The dual lacing at the base of the web of the gloves tightens the pockets. For providing protection and a better fit, the gloves have flat finger binding.

The Top 5 Best Youth Baseball Glove Of 2024

Different products have different features that make them unique. From a pile of items in the market, finding out the best one can be a frantic job. We have crafted a comparison table so you can conveniently compare different products with respect to their material and prices.


Franklin Sports Baseball

best youth baseball glove infieldYou can ponder over Franklin Sports Baseball while searching for the best youth baseball gloves that can enhance your fielding experience. The gloves come with the thick premium synthetic leather material which ensures you about delivering maximum durability so without even worrying about damage you can rely on it.

The soft leather used in its construction makes it extremely lighter in weight and responsive to catches. The adjustable wrist strap and its unique contour fit system allow you to feasibly adjust it for experiencing better fittings. Its hand-formed pocket delivers excellent comfort and control to you to let you experience the best performance.

Bringing up the rear, the comfort, and fittings are one of the main goals of the products so the player may field in an efficient manner with complete control.


  • Highly durable

  • Feasible adjustments
  • Excellent comfort and control

  • A bit tight fittings

Rawlings Player

best youth baseball glove for 11 year oldAnother worth noticing product, while searching for the best youth baseball gloves is Rawlings player. The gloves come in a size of 12.5 inches. Its basket web design enhances the catching range so you can cover more area of the ground while fielding. For making you always ready for the game, it offers you a feasible and fastest break-in with its pro micro lining.

The conventional back with a flex loop Velcro strap basically offers convenient adjustments. Another unique feature is zero shock palm padding which protects your hand from outer impacts. The padding also results in the provision of customizing fit around your wrist and hand.

Overall, it may be said that all the essential requirements are efficiently fulfilled by it. With fast break-ins and flexibility, it makes the player always ready to perform his best. Multiple advanced features are part of it which makes it worth spending money on.


  • Efficient adjustments

  • Fast and feasible break-in
  • Zero shock palm padding

  • A bit harder


Franklin Sports

best youth baseball glove for 5 year oldThe Franklin Sports gloves are highly considered because they are a bit different than the other ones as they come with mesh construction and offer you maximum breathability. Being a part of the game, your hands often sweat. The breathability results in keeping hands moisture-free and dry.

The material of the gloves also makes them lighter in weight so the players feasibly play without having pressure on their hands. The pocket of gloves is designed to provide exceptional comfort and fitting. For the enhancement of comfort and make it easy to wear, the gloves come with soft palm construction. The product basically holds a ball along with the gloves.

To end things off, if you are tired of leather gloves and want a flexible solution that provides a complete comfort zone and a stable internal environment. Moreover, the ball comes along with it so get ready for playing.


  • Highly breathable

  • Light in weight
  • Excellent comfort and fittings
  • Soft palm construction

  • Recommended for kids


Franklin Sports Softball

best all around youth baseball gloveYou can have a look at Franklin Sports Softball while being in search of the best youth baseball gloves. The gloves come with mesh material which makes them lighter in weight and highly breathable as well. And provide you exceptional comfort.

The adjustable wrist closure is a part of it that allows you to adjust fittings according to your convenience. The gloves hold a soft pocket which makes the break-in fast and feasible. Moreover, the soft pocket makes it more responsive while catching the ball. The enhancement in comfort is achieved by its PU laminated palm. Its sure catch technology ensures you about delivering the best fielding experience.

In the end, the adjustable sizing and fitting offered by the gloves enable you to use them for players of every age and size. Moreover, the gloves also come with the softest cushioning for delivering you the best of comfort.


  • Highly breathable

  • Light in weight
  • Soft pocket
  • PU laminated palm
  • Sure catch technology

  • Not made for high impact hitting


Rawlings Sure

best youth baseball glove for the moneyJust like Wilson, Rawlings gloves are also mostly used by the players. From the house of Rawlings, another worth noticing product is Rawlings Sure. These leather-made gloves with a size of 10.5 inches. The gloves have a full leather designed shell which can be proved highly durable. Moreover, the material also results in making it lighter in weight so your hands don’t get feel burdened.

The excellent comfort and balance required for playing efficiently are delivered through its padded finger linings. For the enhancement of your catching and throwing, it comes with the basket web. The gloves also come with the sure catch technology, so you can get an expected outcome.

As a result, we can say that with stressed hands you can’t perform best so the gloves come with a lighter weight and easy adjustments. It ensures you about excellent fielding experience with its sure catch technology.


  • All leather shell

  • Lightweight
  • Padded fingers lining
  • Basket webbing
  • Sure catch technology

  • A bit expensive



What is the best Little League glove?

Franklin Sports Teeball Glove are the best little gloves that are highly comfy, durable, and made of high quality. These gloves are lightweight and come with their own soft foam baseball so you’ll have everything you need to practice throwing the ball or catching whether you are indoors or outdoors!

What is the best baseball glove for a 10-year-old?

Rawlings Select Pro Lite Baseball Glove Series is the best baseball glove for a 10-year-old athlete and these gloves are the perfect solution for transitioning athletics. If children are in growing age and their hands are growing in size then pro lite baseball gloves are really suitable for them.

What is the best baseball glove for an 11-year-old?

Franklin Sports Field Master Baseball Gloves are very best for 9-10-year-old athletes. Just as expected, Franklin Sports Inc. is always at it with exceptional and adorable products. This eye-catching and mind-blowing baseball glove is good for both adults and youth as well as these are also outstanding for both catching and pitching practice.

What is the best size baseball glove for an 8-year-old?

Choosing gloves of the right size can give you a superb experience and can save you from injuries and misshapes. So for 7 and 8-year-olds 10.5 or 11-inch gloves are recommended.


The Other 11 Best youth baseball glove we reviewed in 2023


Rawlings RSB

the best youth baseball gloveThe Rawlings RSB can serve as a smart choice in your search. The gloves come with the all-leather construction of the shell. The material used makes it lighter in weight and durable so it may serve you for a longer time span with complete comfort.

The gloves hold Neo-Flex black and Velcro strap which allows you to adjust its fittings according to your comfort. It comes with the 12 inches basket web and allows you to catch efficiently over a large area. The padded finger linings provide exceptional comfort and optimize balance as per the requirement of the game.

To put it all together, the gloves are lighter in weight and let you cover a large field for catching with their webbing and other features. With lightweight and excellent fittings, your hands feel really comfortable and strain-free.


  • Light in weight

  • Durable
  • Better fittings
  • Exceptional comfort and balance

  • It is mainly for smaller hands



Wilson A2000

best youth baseball gloves 2021While searching for the gloves that can really assist you in matches, you can consider Wilson A2000. The glove is manufactured by pro stock leather which makes it highly sustainable so it may serve as your playing partner for a longer time span.

It holds the H web design which offers you a flexible structure. Moreover, its dual welting design results in maximizing the durability of the pocket.

The double lacing present at the base of the web tightens the pocket and does not let you miss any catch. The flat finger binding in the gloves serves as a protection layer from outer impacts and delivers you a better fitting as well. The gloves come in a size of 11.5 inches.

To conclude we can say that the design hold by gloves ensures you about delivering excellent performance with comfort and protection and can be served as the best youth baseball glove.


  • Highly sustainable and durable

  • Flexible structure
  • Tight and durable pockets
  • Flat finger binding

  • A bit expensive


Rawlings Liberty

what's the best youth baseball gloveBetter fittings can result in better comfort and better performance. The Rawlings Liberty is one such product that comes with all such properties. The gloves come with full-grain oil-treated shell leather which makes them highly durable. Its non-slip pull strap allows you to make adjustments in the fitting.

For the provision of complete control, the gloves hold balance patterns and hand openings which can be adjusted. For the protection and safety of your hands, the gloves have a Poron XRD palm and index finger pad which minimizes the impact of the ball with higher velocity. The H webbing results in the provision of a flexible and sturdy structure.

In brief, these flexible gloves offer excellent protection to the hands of a player from getting injured with two of its features. The durability and other standards are also efficiently meet by them.


  • Feasible adjustments

  • Highly durable
  • Reduce the impact of a ball
  • Flexible and sturdy structure

  • Sizing issues


Rawlings Prodigy

best way to break in a youth baseball gloveFrom Rawlings, which can be liked by you in the search of the best gloves for baseball is Rawlings Prodigy. The gloves come with the all-leather construction over shell which makes them durable and lighter in weight. For the provision of complete comfort and balance, it comes with the palm lining, moreover, the feature also results in providing maximum shock absorption.

It comes in a size of 11.5 inches. They sure catch technology is also a part of it which makes the glove opening and closing feasible so you can conveniently catch the ball. The gloves hold trap-zee webbing so you may have deep pockets and an efficient catching range. One of its unique features is pro tapper fit so players have a perfect fit for the glove.

To end the discussion, we may say that the gloves provide efficient control, comfort, and balance at the same time and led you towards excellent results.


  • All leather construction

  • Light in weight
  • Comfort and optimize the balance
  • Shock absorption
  • Deep pocket
  • Excellent fit

  • A bit small in size


Mizuno MVP

best youth beginner baseball gloveThe last but not least important item on the list is Miznu MVP Prime. The gloves come with soft leather and a soft palm liner which results in the provision of comfort and safety. The soft leather used in manufacturing provides softer cushioning and prevents your hand from any kind of fatigue whereas the soft palm liner protects your hand from outer impacts. The webbing is joined by durable laces. The gloves come in a size of 12.75 inches and an embroidered logo.

As a whole, all the essential features that should be present in the best gloves are held by it. Because of its sizing, t can be used by professional players as well.


  • Soft and smooth leather made

  • Soft palm liner
  • Durable laces
  • Large in size

  • There are some claims about snug fitting

Rawlings Heart

what is the best youth baseball glove on the marketIf you are searching for gloves of professional standards, one of the worth considering options is Rawlings Heart. The gloves come with pro-grade leather which makes them highly sustainable. The perfect handlings are offered by the gloves with their narrow fit. The padded thumb sleeves are also part of it which makes it highly durable and does not tear out easily.

As we know that the comfort comes first and plays an important role in the achievement of exceptional performance so the gloves come with cowhide palm lining and soft full-grain finger back linings, both of them result in keeping your hand comfortable. The thermoformed hand opening is also here to provide wrist comfort and making it highly breathable.

We can conclude that breathability helps in keeping your hand clean and saves them from various skin problems by keeping them moist free. Other than all the basic features, it is highly breathable and comfortable and lets you play with safety and comfort during long and intense matches.


  • Highly durable and sustainable

  • Exceptionally comfortable
  • Highly breathable with a thermoformed hand opening

  • Laces are not that durable

Wilson A2K

best youth baseball glove for 8 year oldYour search for the best youth baseball glove may lead to Wilson A2K baseball. For letting you always ready for it comes with the fastest break-in with its 3 X more shaping. The rolled dual welting in the gloves results in the provision of durable shapes and pockets.

The pro stock leather is used in manufacturing makes it highly durable. The size of the gloves is 11.5 inches. The gloves hold H web design and provide it a flexible and sturdy structure. Its dual palm construction stabilizes your pocket and serves as a protection layer for your hand.

On a final note, the perfect size and control can really help you in efficient catching and throwing, Moreover, in intense gaming, you may have to experience outer impacts so it provides safety to your hand as well.


  • Feasible and fast break-in

  • Comes with the Dual palm construction
  • Highly durable
  • Holds a flexible and sturdy structure
  • Lightweight

  • Claims that laces are not more durable


Wilson A900

best youth baseball glove for small handsYou can use Wilson A900 for fielding while playing baseball. These fully leather constructed gloves ensure you about being your playing assistant because of their maximum durability. The size of the gloves is 11.75 inches. The gloves play an important role in maximizing catching range by their deeper pockets offered by their T web design.

Its low profile heel results in the provision of efficient flexibility. The gloves come with dual palm construction which provides an extra protection layer to your palm and from the safety of outer impacts.

By and large, the fielder’s main duty is to efficiently catch the ball and compatible gloves can result in fulfilling this need. The Wilson 900 are designed in such a way that they can really enhance your catchability with flexibility and webbing.


  • Highly durable

  • Deeper pockets
  • Double palm construction
  • Highly flexible

  • Lacing is not that much good


Wilson A2000 SuperSkin

best youth baseball glove for 6 year oldAnother product that comes from the well-known and most used brand “Wilson” is Wilson A2000 SuperSkin. The gloves are manufactured of pro stock leather which makes them strong and highly durable. The leather used in the construction is super skin which makes it lighter in weight as compare to other products and doesn’t let you feel your hand achy.

The gloves come in a size of 11.5 inches. The dual welting is also offered by gloves and offers you deeper pockets. For convenient and quick break-in and better closure, the gloves come with a thin heel pad. Moreover, it also holds by H web design which bestows it with a flexible and sturdy structure. The flat finger binding property is also proposed by it.

To sum up, we can say that these gloves are different from others offered by Wilson because of their manufacturing which makes it more strong and light in weight. Other than this, it also holds impressive design and features so you may rely on it.


  • Durable and light in weight

  • Deep pockets
  • Flexible and sturdy structure
  • Finger binding property

  • A bit expensive and uncomfortable


Wilson A1000

best youth baseball glove for 10 year oldYou can contemplate on Wilson A100 in your search for the best baseball gloves that can result in upgrading your performance. The gloves come with a size of 11.75 inches and can be worn by adult players. Its full-grain leather construction makes it more sustainable.

The H web design hold by the gloves comes with the web pop-ups so you may see inside. Moreover, it provides flexibility to your hand as well. Its deeper pockets enable you to catch efficiently.

In a nutshell, we can say that it can better adjust your hand’s movement because of the flexibility offered by it and can enhance your playing experience. Its design and features make it highly worth noticing and buying.


  • Full-grain leather construction

  • Flexible
  • Have Deep pockets

  • Some claim exists that it does not offer the fast break-in


Wilson A2000 Fastpitch

best youth baseball glove for 7 year oldAnother considerable option while searching for the best youth baseball glove is Wilson A2000 Fastpitch. The gloves are manufactured by pro stock leather which results in making them more sustainable as well as durable. The gloves basically come with the dual post web design and ensure you about delivering excellent control and flexibility.

One of its unique features is the Comfort Velcro wrist closure which efficiently provides the support required while playing. The wrist closure also ensures you about providing maximum comfort and safety. The gloves are lighter in weight and keep your hands completely stress-free. It holds honeycomb cell padding and protects your hand.

As a final analysis, the gloves are engineered by focusing on the essential needs of the player as well as the requirements of the game so you may rely on it.

  • Maximum durability

  • Efficient flexibility Comfort Velcro wrist closure
  • Honeycomb cell padding

  • A bit more expensive

  • A bit stiffer


All these gloves are claimed as the best for playing baseball. With the details mentioned above, we hope that now you are able to choose the one which really meets your preferences.

Buying Guide

Baseball gloves are an iconic piece of sports equipment that is used by athletes both young and old. From professional all-stars to youngsters in their first summer league, baseball gloves are a chief piece of the game. Differing materials, web types, and intended playing positions can influence your selection.

Knowing these factors from the start can help you better understand how to pick the right glove for your game this season. There are many considerable and mindful tips for picking up a baseball glove of your choice let’s go through those for your convenience:


Baseball gloves come in different materials like synthetic leather that can be closed very easily with no “break-in” period. It is a lightweight option that can be superb for younger players. As players get older and move towards leagues, softened, oil-treated leather gives an easy break-in and game-ready feel so more high quality, or Pro Series leather is the premium quality option that offers unparalleled craftsmanship, comfort, and durability.

Leather Types Gloves are made from a variety of leathers, but most can be segregated into four chief categories: full-grain, kip (or kipskin), premium steerhide, durability, and cowhide. Leather type affects the appearance, feel, durability, break-in time, and cost of your glove; the quality of materials is really meaningful.

Web Pattern Learning Center:

When players shop for a new baseball glove on then they can start by position. After that, how players choose a glove mostly depends on how it appears and how much you are spending on it but another integral factor should be web type. Knowing the details about different web designs you should find a ball glove that doesn’t just suit your position but also your fondness.

You can choose loosely stitched or tight-stitched gloves or you can also choose flexible and tight gloves for yourself.; web type affects all of it. So you should start focusing on it as with the help of this information, you’ll be able to get a baseball glove which is really meant for your hand. As technology develops then there are modifications to web patterns every year so you have to keep yourself updated.

Pick The Right Size:

You can make accurate decisions about leather and web type, but it won’t matter if you pick the wrong size. Must ensure the glove you purchase properly fits your hand so it would help you to play baseball freely and independently. If you pick a glove of bigger or loose size then it can create a lot of trouble in specially for youngsters

Type of Throw:

If your kid is right-handed then he/ she throws with the right hand and catches with the left hand then you should get him/ her a left-hand glove, and vice versa; you can find it very helpful in the selection of gloves. However, if you have taken up baseball for quite a long time period then you may find this point very helpful and comprehensive.

Pocket size:

Glove sizing is of supreme importance, and it has a bundle to do with the players’ performances. Wearing inappropriate gloves, whether too large or too small, may cramp your style as they have issues in directing and catching the ball. For this purpose, you should pay appropriate attention to the size of the glove. For the sake of coziness and snugness. It measures the length (from the tip of the central finger to the wrist) and the width (perimeter of the palm) of your hand in cent material.

The material directs the comfort and strength it kept. Baseball gloves are normally designed for leather, treated leather, mesh, and synthetic materials, each of which gives different highlights. Leather and treated leather give a sense of softness and resilience, while mesh and synthetic materials respectively provide flexibility and acquaint players with the gloves more speedily.

Padding protection and webbing:

The thicker the padding is, the more protection will be provided to the players. Therefore, padded gloves assist to reduce injuries to your hand and palm. There are two main types of glove webs: open webs (suitable for infielders and outfielders) and close webs (suitable for catchers and pitchers). They also come in different styles which depends on your personal choice and position on the field.


Buying a top-rated glove for a little League player can cost an arm and a leg, but if your budget is less, you can still opt for decently priced gloves that are still of good quality. Your kids’ hands will continue to grow, which means their existing gloves will have to be substituted soon, so reasonable gloves will sufficient.

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