What Are Cleats Used For

Before understanding, what are cleats used for, it’s better to understand what the cleats are? Many misconceptions are there about the cleats, we would love to eliminate all of them from your mind before moving ahead.

Almost most of the world is familiar with the word “studs”. If you are also familiar, then Congratulations! Your half problem has been solved. The cleat is a term that is used as an alternative to Studs in North America. So there is no difference between cleats and studs.

Most people think that the cleat or the stud is the name of the shoes that the athlete uses in different games, but that’s not the case. Cleats are the bump at the bottom of the shoes. You may have seen the athletic shoes and may have noticed the irregular bump on the sole of their shoes. If you have noticed all that, then you are already familiar with the cleats.

Although, cleats are not on the sole of every athletic shoe. These are designed for very few sports. The main purpose of these cleats is to provide better traction on the ground and to provide stability on slippery grounds.


What Are Cleats?

A cleat or track spike is a shoe that has several metal spikes on its sole and is generally used by cyclists, runners, and athletes in other sports.

The first modern-day cleats were invented and manufactured by Louis Darmante – an American company back in 1972. Since then what we know as the classic casual sneakers with some rubber outsole has been replaced by what we now call cleats, which are often found to be released during the summer months due to their lightweight. They can also be found throughout most of the year depending on what’s trending at any given moment too. This change has taken place over time and casual footwear went from what we knew as traditional canvas shoes with rubber soles to what we now call sneakers with hard rubber soles.

The cleat is not at all what it used to be, the original being made back in 1972 by Darmante was what was called an aluminum track spike. This track spike has a metal shank that runs along with the midsole of the shoe, while also having screw-in metal studs around the sole for traction. You certainly can’t run on these shoes or go out into wet weather otherwise you’d have little metal shards stuck in your feet! If you do happen to find one though it would probably look something like this…

Ouch! And so what are the benefits of wearing what is now called cleats? Well, there are many different options available when it comes to what those benefits are. However what you should be aware of is that by wearing what is now called cleats you will experience a few negatives as well as positives, for example, there’s the obvious fact that your feet will get cut up if you’re not used to wearing them and then there’s the whole ordeal of what to do when it rains! Either way though, here are some benefits of what we call cleats:

– They offer great traction on various surfaces such as hardwood courts/flooring or grass fields.

– May help prevent injuries – but sometimes the opposite occurs due to lack of support.

– Lightweight sole construction makes for faster overall speed.

– Greatly reduces fatigue by offering excellent shock absorption during intense sessions.

– Promotes good form which in turn builds up the muscles in your legs allowing for more strength and fewer injuries.

Hopefully, now you got an idea so coming back to the topic, let’s start discussing what are cleats used for.

Used for Firm Ground

Firm Ground Cleats

Firm Ground Cleats

Cleats are widely used on firm grounds.  Here the firm ground means, the ground with a natural surface. The cleats help you to have a stronger grip on these sorts of grounds. You can instantly change your moving direction, without getting slipped just because of these cleats. Players use cleats in sports where they have to play on natural surfaces.

Some of the examples of firm ground sports are football, soccer, baseball, and futsal. In these sports, the player only goes with the cleats, because they knew that they have to run too fast for gaining a point. And without cleans, they can’t get it done. In the world of soccer and football, these cleats are also known as football shoes.

The studs on the sole of these shoes are permanently attached, and you can’t make them separate. Furthermore, the cleats have different styles and types.

Mostly, the player uses metal or plastic cleats. The metal cleats are more dangerous and could cause the leg break of the other player, but the plastic cleats are not that much dangerous. You have to choose the cleat on the basis of the gripping power. If you are using it for firm ground, but they are not providing better traction, then definitely, they are useless.

Along with football, baseball is another game that used to be played on firm ground. But here you don’t need to tackle anyone, that’s why using metal cleats could not cause any injury to other players.

But still, using metal cleats is not allowed at the lower level. Only professionals are allowed to use them. The other type of cleats for baseball are plastic and rubber cleats. These are the cleats that are widely used by school and college players. They have better traction but can’t compete with the metal cleats.

Cleats used for Cycling

Cycling Cleats

Cycling Cleats

The cycling shoes also have cleats on their soles. Cycling shoes come with metal and plastic cleats. You can choose any one of them as per your own preference but the metal cleats are far better than the plastic ones.

All cyclists use the cleats for locking their shoes with the paddle so that they can keep paddling the cycle during the race without losing any control over it. The more you pressed the cleats on the paddle, the better grip, and control you will have with the paddles.

If you are not using the cleat’s shoes for your cycling and planning to participate in the competition, then be ready to lose the game. Because at the higher speed and while cornering, you will lose control and grip over the pedal. You must grab the cleat shoes before thinking about any competition.

Used for Adventure

Adventure Cleats

Adventure Cleats

Adventurers use cleat shoes, and this is the item, that they always have in their bags. Cleats are used for the adventurer when they used to be on the ice road. The spikes and the bumping of the cleats allow them to have better traction on the ice roads.

Used for Golf

Golfers also love to use the cleats when they are on their course. Some of the golfers don’t prefer to have cleat shoes but most of the golfers use metal cleat shoes. There is no specific reason to use cleats on a golf course, but the golfers wore them for their own satisfaction.

Used for Artificial Ground

Artificial Ground cleats

Artificial Ground cleats

Many manufacturers are also producing cleats for artificial grounds. Not all, but very few games that are played on the artificial ground require you to have cleat Shoes. The design and material of cleats are different from the firm ground cleats but they have a similar purpose.

Sports including, softball, baseball, and futsal are artificial ground games, in which you also have to wear cleats otherwise you will get slipped. In these games, you need ankle support for instantly changing your direction.

Mostly the cleats of these games are made up of rubber or plastic, in these games, players tend to avoid using metal cleats because they could damage the artificial turf too.

Final words

No Matter, in what game you are more interested, but whenever you play from the above-mentioned games, it’s better to have cleat shoes on your feet. They are going to enhance your gaming experience by providing you the comfort and a strong grip on the road. We have covered every sport where you need to wear cleat shoes, now it’s up to you that what type of cleat you choose for you making your game more comfortable.

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